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PANDAS Won't Win

So you thought you won.
Think again.
So you thought you stole her childhood.
Well you didn’t.
You thought lurking in the shadows, hiding in the corners would make us scared.
You were wrong. We are stronger than you thought.
We cried, we screamed, we teetered on the edge of our sanity.
But we have triumphed and will not let you steal anymore precious time.
Our patience was tested, our family divided
but we overcame.
We are stronger because of you.
We are smarter because of you.
We are advocates because of you.
We are educators because of you.
Six years later
and everything you thought would happen
We are warriors
and my daughter has more purpose now than ever before.
She will make a difference
so never think you will win again.

Jaime Heizler Tan



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