Lyme & Learning: A Lecture
Wednesday, February 8, 2017 at 06:20PM
Last night, I attended a talk with autoiummune neurologist Elena Frid, MD entitled: Lyme and Learning: How Infections Can Impact Your Child's Brain. The even was sponsored by Links Academy. Members of Global Lyme Alliance and Lyme Connection Task Force also spoke.

Having spent the last half decade (or more) learning about Lyme from the point of view of a parent and educator, I was hoping to learn something new about educating our children. I am happy that I attended as I solidified some knowledge, had questions answered and am able to perceive symptoms in new ways. I see the "bouquet" of symptoms listed in one of my children. However, there are not many educational strategies that I took away other than to understand that we are dealing with medically ill children who will struggle to learn.

Talks like this further accent the need for national funds to be diverted into Lyme research so that we can develop a cure.  

Please note that any errors in reporting are mine. I have moved around ideas as they were discussed so as to fit neatly into categories.








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