Night and Day
Sunday, September 30, 2012 at 09:32AM

It's 9:00 at night. Are your kids clearing their throats and trying not to rage?

We've taken all precautions, as usual. And as usual, nothing is working. Although, I have to admit, I've seen and heard worse. So, here goes another night in our house. My mind plays over all the pills we pushed into my kid today. Antibiotics and more. Plus:

Activated charcoal. Yep. Apart from other meds.

Curcumin. Gotcha.
Lemonade from scratch with Stevia in place of sugar. Check.

Kapvay. Righto. Altho it's not helping with the tics. (And certainly not with the ticks.)
Melatonin. The max allowed.
Benadryl. Oh yea.

So, how come he's still awake?????????????

Every night is like this. It's like the picture of The Scream. Poor child.

Today began well. Many mornings are ok, lately. And for that, I'm grateful like anything. 

Yesterday, we went apple picking and my daughter won a donut speed-eating contest  and we came home with an extra box of cider donuts! Yes, an extra box. Because I'd just purchased a dozen of them. I really thought she'd lose; she's always the last one finished with any meal. But she followed directions: chew, swallow, take another bite...and the skinny mini was a winner!

So, thanks to our wonderful day yesterday, we have apples--yay! Great tomatoes! Wahoo! A huge pumpkin and pumpkin pie and carving plans--super! And lots of cider donuts--ummm good.

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And we tried to go gluten-free and sugar-free! Oy, what the GFSF people are saying about us now. I do worry abou the sugar not being good for the yeast, the Lyme (and the white flour also, and what about those genetic modifications the food companies are doing?) But we get through the day. 

Herxing is our way of life at the moment, so we also have to take our fun moments as they come. Yesterday was one great fun "moment." 

"Night and day, Night and day
Under the hide of me
There's an oh such a hungry yearning burning inside of me
And its torment won't be through...." (Cole Porter)

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