Smile in my Heart
Friday, September 28, 2012 at 06:36PM

Just want to say that I received an amazing note through this website from an anonymous reader that totally made my day yesterday and today! :)

Thank you. You put a smile on my heart. Just when I really needed it.

I'm relaxing, knowing I have to get my big boy into the Epsom salt bath (first, put the plastic bag over his cast.) What I really want to do is run out and buy a bottle of chocovino, which someone on one of the PANDAS threads has been writing about recently! I just posted something about chocolate being a bean, and a bean is a vegetable, therefore...hey, it's just logic! And Friday night!

So, here's the funny for today. Every night, I wake to find a kid in my bed, or wake up to find a kid trying to crawl into my bed. Thanks to another thread on either the PANS or Lyme site, I found that we are not the only ones--seems like many of these kids cannot fall asleep or stay asleep by themselves. We've had mattresses and sleeping bags in our room, my son in our bed, my little daughter in my bed. Yeah, she's got her nightmares, but I guess living in this house is gonna cause some. 

So, at any rate, getting back to the funnies, I woke to find a sleeping beauty in my bed. (Not talking about hubbie here.) So, since it was my daughter, I dressed in my room and in the dark. I pulled on black leggings, a short black skirt and a shirt. Comfort clothes for Friday. Taught all day and worked through lunch. At 3:30, I was in a foul mood because I had to return to the dentist for the filling after a root canal (double yuck.) At 4:00, I was in the chair when I looked at my legs (for the first time all day) and realized that my leggings were inside-out with the seam on the outside. All day, I wore them like this. Did any one of my 22 fifth graders notice? Perhaps they thought it was a style? Perhaps they're, even now, chuckling? Oh, me!

Maybe it has something to do with my upcoming birthday; I'm getting older. No; I'm staying young. In my clothes and in my head.

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